Saturday, July 18, 2015

When 1+1=3

It happens.  You get busy, time gets away from you.  And so it has.  I went right from settling into a new house, to this.
And then there was the mild hyperemesis gravardium to deal with (or live through) and once that had passed after about five months, there was the very complex matter of moving all the art, sewing, crocheting, and office supplies out of our only spare room and rearranging the rest of the entire house in order to fit them in new places.  So the little squish has his own room, all to himself now (yes, him) but we are a bit cluttered.  Or jumbled.  Bookcases are stuffed with fabric and jammed into a corner, or worse, where a clear path used to exist between one room and the next.  We honestly believed that after all these years, if a little one hadn't come yet, it was never going to happen.

In April we had a housewarming party of which, sadly, there are no pictures, but it was an amazing time and I indulged in a few too many drinks.  Three apparently was too many because I woke up sick as a dog and stayed sick for days.  Clue number 1.  The next thing I know I'm 9 months pregnant and nearly as big as my own house.

My water broke 3 weeks early and after a grueling 43 hours, our little one finally joined us, 3 minutes before midnight on the 12th of December.  The first thing I saw was the outline of his right foot on the sterile curtain above by face as they held him up after the c-section.  I openedmy eyes and saw his blue eyes, the rest of his face hidden by the curtain.  My husband was taking a picture, I was losing consciousness.  I was flooded with relief so intense, it felt like love.  Did I mention it was a difficult birth?  I was floating in a sort of far away, dreamy state of consciousness where I could hear everything but I couldn't speak or open my eyes.  I heard my baby making sounds...not quite cries.  I loved his voice immediately.  

We didn't know what his name was until three days later.  I wanted one name, Brendan wanted another.  Neither of us were willing to compromise so we left it up to the baby.  We called him by my preferred name but he just lay in my arms impassively.  We called him by Brendan's choice and he immediately opened his eyes and looked at us.  

So on Monday December 15th, we brought home Q Morello Doyle.

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