Monday, October 7, 2013

Birthday Month

It's true.  I'm turning 34 this week.  At times I'm tempted to indulge in melancholy musings about how I was supposed to have had children, published 4 books, and moved out of Ohio by this time in my life but it's far better to think about my good fortune and the accomplishments I've managed, even if they aren't ones I'd necessarily planned.  I've always made it a tradition to celebrate all month long so I have a very very busy month ahead!

I've already begun with some new boots, which I regrettably can't photograph and share because they've stowed away in my husband's car and are 50 miles away right now.  The husband tried to convince me to choose the flowered doc martens over the brown boots of a lesser pedigree but I had to explain that even if I chose the docs, I'd still need brown boots.  He marveled at how our brains make choices differently.  I choose based on how a shoe matches the rest of my wardrobe.  He chooses on the basis of quality and longevity alone.

In between the ongoing struggle with my brother to get his proverbial crap in a pile and the daily grind, I've already whipped up something sweet filled with pumpkin, slept in until 10, and enjoyed a full day of house-hunting (no results though).

Other plans to celebrate

 - Attend a family-style outdoor dinner at our local Fox Hollow Farm.  Arrive at 4pm, pick apples, use the cider press and enjoy fresh libations, then dine with candlelight as the sun goes down.  I'm confused by the email which says "Fancy dress is encouraged, sturdy shoes are required."  This may go hand in hand with men's attire but I don't have many fancy outfits that can be worn with hiking boots or wellies.  ???  Maybe I'm just not using my imagination.

 - Go horseback riding through the woods with friends and family at what will hopefully be peak leaf time.  The stables we use are known for their "running rides".  On my last birthday, I crossed off "gallop through field on horseback" from my bucket list. Every time the horse starts to run I get so happy I laugh until I nearly cry.  I am like a little girl with a pony.

 - Visit the Universal Life Expo and get a photo of my aura.  Also buy some new gemstones.  Think what you will.  It's fun.

 - Attend a joint birthday party/chili cook-off.

 - Attend a costume party.  I have no costume ideas.  My imagination is sleeping.  Any thrifty ideas?

- Hopefully eat at Skillet in the German Village.

 - In between?  Sleep.  Rest.  Cook.  Crochet.  And ugh...think about Christmas presents.  Already.  If I don't start making them now, I'll be behind.

Here's a fun fact for those with early October birthdays.  You were probably a New Year's Eve conception.  That's nice to think about.

Coming soon... my post on Session 4 Food and Power (from the Food and Culture Class...Blog Camp Goes To MIT).

The last of my garden's tomatoes.  Went into a spicy tomato curry.
Is your garden still producing anything?  Do you have a fall garden or a cold frame?

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