Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fed Up With Food. For Now.

I'm trying to get into the habit of blogging more...even when I don't have a lot of important things to say, and even when no one's reading.  There's a million thoughts I have that never see the light of day before they're forgotten and maybe leaving them here will help me get into the habit of externalizing things.

I find most of my life seems to revolve around food lately and by lately I mean for the past few years.  Clean, sustainable food has been a passion of mine for years but lately, it's just exploding in the interwebs.  I don't know if it's just google and facebook's algorithms showing me more of what I'm already into or if it really is becoming a big thing these days.  Added to the amount of time I spend reading and thinking about food is the time I spend cooking, preparing, and planning with food.  Since I don't buy many convenience items I spend a pretty decent amount of time doing things like making and canning broth or jams or making bread or cookies.  Menu planning takes an hour or two and cooking every meal from scratch (except lunch which is usually leftovers) not only takes time but seriously makes a lot of dishes.  I've also just done a little digging in the finances and discovered that in August we spent nearly 1/3 of our household income on food.

Aaahhh!  I'm getting a little burned out on food.  It won't last though.  Dinner tonight should rekindle some sparks.  Soba, mushrooms, and bok choy with ginger and miso broth to chase away the colds that seem to be trying to take hold around here.

In other news,

 - I get to see Michael Pollan speak at Kenyon College tomorrow night!

 - The electricity upstairs is not working and my poor brother is living without light up there now.  The landlord is coming to fix it tomorrow, hopefully.  There has always been something a little weird about the electric up there.  If you leave the overhead bedroom light on, it starts to smell mysteriously like someone's pants.  I've put a lot of lamps in there.

 - There was much chicken drama today.  I have a wily bird who loves to get out of the fenced yard and scratch around out there in the neighborhood, unprotected from random dogs who might run by.  We usually let the girls free range but when I find bad Miss Klaartje outside the fence I catch her and put her in the coop by herself.  I don't know if chickens are capable of learning lessons but I hope she'll realize that it only happens when she leaves the yard.  Well today, she wouldn't stay in the yard for anything and when I put her in the coop, she yelled hysterically with the volume of a pipe organ which is not a good thing in a suburban neighborhood.  People are used to dogs barking but we have a long way to come before people are accustomed to chickens hollering.  I had to bring Klaartje inside in the chicken cage and although it didn't stop her hysterical yelling, it stopped the rest of the neighborhood from having to suffer it.  So I spent an hour or two with a screaming chicken in the house.  Fun.  She is a very dramatic bird.

 - I just saw an adorable teenager bunny outside in the yard.  It's most likely the same baby bunny that was hiding in my calendula a few months ago.

- I FINALLY get to meet the damn mother on How I Met Your Mother tonight.  We don't have cable or watch television but I take all I can get from projectfreetv.com.

Happy Tuesday evening!

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