Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Coming Soon!

My plate is quite full these days!  There are a lot of projects in the making and several more coming up.  I'm happy to announce that some of my crochet work will be on display and for sale at River Road Coffee House in Gambier.  I regret not having more to show and wish I'd been able to prepare some proper art rather than just my cozies but nevertheless I'm very happy to be displaying and selling locally.  I removed some items from the etsy shop for the show but I'll restock in due time.  I love to crochet while binge-watching netflix (currently Dollhouse and Orange Is The New Black) so I'll have to line up some marathons soon.

My next two projects have me involved in one my most intense passions...food.  As MIT is now offering their courses online for free, I've plunged into the Food and Culture course with a friendly facebook group while finally collaborating on a cookbook that I can't talk too much about...yet.  I'm still in the research phase.

I'm thinking of blogging some of the writing assignments for Food and Culture so they're likely to start showing up here.  In the meantime...here's something to wile away some time.  Because my little ponies really do have pretty hair.  

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