Friday, August 30, 2013

Back To School

This is it.  Labor Day Weekend.  The official End Of Summer has me suffering the heat with my laptop out on the back porch because I know soon enough the light will wane and the chill will make my porch an inhospitable place to spend an afternoon.  So I'm soaking up the heat in reptile fashion, hoping to store some of this sunshine in my veins for the colder days to come.

I've set up a makeshift office on the back porch for working on the cookbook and doing my reading and writing for the Food and Culture assignments.  Working on these in tandem has proven especially helpful.  As I'm working on the non-recipe portion of the cookbook, I find the reading I've been doing for our class may have adjusted my view on something or expanded my knowledge in another area.  I'm really enjoying learning again.  

When I went to college I opted for a BS in Organizational Leadership (*yawn*)  with the silly idea that getting a degree in something common and vague would help me make a living.  I listened to older, "wiser" people who seemed to take great satisfaction in frightening me into doing something safe rather than something passionate.  Years later, it's difficult not to view that time and money as at least partially wasted.  I'm no more likely to lead a corporate organization than I am to visit the moon this evening.  My college learning was a necessary chore to me.  No more interesting than algebra ever was (although I was particularly and oddly taken with statistics).  

Perusing the various articles and books for our class, I'm finding myself feeling those hot sparks of intense enthusiasm and absorption.  I am beginning to know the distinct pleasure of studying one's passions.  I am so thankful to be a part of this class.  I had no idea what I was missing.

/Coming soon...

 * weekend salsa making project with truckloads of tomatoes I have ripening up and gathering fruit flies on the counter

 * a post on Food and Culture's next assignment: what do you see as the food dilemmas of right now?

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